Business Tip Of The Day for October 15th, 2018

Multiple Offers

Your Other Sites – Don't just send your subscribers' one offer. Make sure you promote other ventures you have going. One of the simplest ways is just to have a list of your other websites as links, under your signature (and hopefully, you know enough to have strong, easy to remember names that describe exactly what the site is about – for example,

Let your subscribers be the first to know (exclusivity, remember?) about any new websites you are launching. Offer them a "perq" such as their first month for free, or for $1. Or for a low “early bird” price. But if you use the latter technique, do be sure to let them know it's a limited time offer – and that it will go up by a specific date.

Then honor that date and don't be afraid to raise the price, if they haven't signed up. (They'll respect you for being consistent and truthful.)

The best part about letting them in early on launches? The testimonials they can generate – before you've ever let the general public know.


FreeToolbox is excellent! The tools are very user friendly and the customer service support staff is on top of it. Thank you FreeToolbox. I am having fun. Minister Don B, Los Angeles CA

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Bill Braylark Jr

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