1. What is FreeToolbox (FTB)?

2. What are the products that FreeToolbox has available?

3. What kind of subject matter is covered with the education?

4. What is a Feeder Program?

5. Okay - So what's The cost for this incredible program

6. How do I pay?

7. What are "Business Bucks" that I keep hearing about?

8. Does Free Toolbox have an affiliate program?

9. I am not a techie. Do you have training?

10. Is FTB international?

11. Do you have support?

12. What are "Activity Points"?

13. Can I get more than one position?

14. How can people join if they can not pay using one of the payment options available from the company?

15. Are there any requirements to get paid?

FreeToolbox (FTB) is an easy, cost-effective, stable starting point for anyone that is either money-challenged and/or money-motivated to kickstart their finances so that they can leverage themselves to higher entry financial vehicles.

FreeToolbox is program neutral which means that we are here to support all legitimate business. It is our core mission to offer a platform that can provide anyone the means by which they can get started in business when no other option is available.

FreeToolbox understands that aside from the low cost of entry, we want to educate and train everyone with over 100 marketing methods that have been tested to enhance any business. We also hold live webinars to coach, train and motivate your people.

Because FTB is truly a One-Stop-Shop, it has available materials, tools and products that cover the full spectrum of your business building needs.

A Feeder Program is a low start-up system that people can use to get people started that would not otherwise be able to join a higher start-up business opportunity. With FTB they can get started as low as $1.25 and leverage themselves to gradually increase their revenue and capital available so they can eventually use it to join their initial primary program.

It's hard to believe but it really is only $1.25. No strings attached. You can join any or all levels available.

You can pay with MasterCard, Visa Credit/Debit Cards, as well as Solid Trust Pay, Western Union, MoneyGram, eCheck and by bank wire.

Business Bucks (BB) are our term that we use regarding how people can get many of our products. Because we have many different types of products at various price points, we give each product a "point" value. Thus when you join at any or all price points, you get Business Bucks credits in your back office at a ratio of 4 BB to every $1. Thus the $1.25 level gets you 5 BB while the $20 level gets you 80 BB. These Business Bucks can be used in the shopping cart system to get whatever products you'd like.

Yes of course. We take care of the people that refer others to the value we bring to the marketplace. Please get back to the person that referred you to FTB. You become a customer and you are instantly a member as well.

Absolutely! We have many training videos for each product.

Yes. Since our products are virtual, most countries can use the products. Education is universal.

Yes we do. Support is very important. We do live webinars and have email as well as skype support. Please look at the Contact Us section of the site.

We want our members to participate and come to visit the site as much as possible so we give them "Activity Points" for things as simple as logging in or using products. Every five "Activity Points" are converted automatically to one "Business Buck" at the end of the month. So it pays to participate!

No. We do not endorse anyone doing that. There is no need for it. Get one position and work it. This will create more "energy" as you cycle more and more. With such a low start-up it is tempting to stack positions on top of one another. Anyone doing so will be terminated.

To follow are alternative ways to get people paid into the system and activated...
There are 3 methods in the back office than can be used to, in effect, transfer funds from one account to another. This assumes that the person joining sends the funds to the sponsor first or if the sponsor is paying for them in some way.
1. Sponsor creates an EPin and gives it to new member so the new member can use it in the EPin box on sign up OR sign up or join as a few member and then use it in the back office My Funds > Use EPin The member joins for free and then the EPin funds will be in Funds Summary as Active Funds. The member needs to click on the Activation button for any levels they want to join using the funds transfered.
2. Join as a free member. Then the sponsor transfers funds using the funds transfer option to the new member Go to My Funds> Transfer Funds. Just enter the user name of the member to receive and the amount. The system sends a 9 digit confirmation code to the email of the sender to confirm identity. Once the code is entered in the box provided, the funds are instantly transfered to the new member.
3. Sponsor pays for any levels for the new member directly in her successline section. Go to Successline> My Successline and search for member. Click on the ACTION button. Choose the level to pay and then pay for that level using your (sponsor's) ACTIVE funds. Select "I Agree" and funds are used as paid for the new member.

Yes. We have minimal requirements. Through 2 decades online we have come to realize that most people need minimums. If none are in place then many will do the minimum which is nothing. We want people to participate and not "squat" on a spot waiting for their money to magically appear. This is not the type of participation FTB wants. Thus there are no qualifications on the $1.25, $2.50 or $5 levels. In order to get paid at the $10 level, you need to have sponsored 2 people (at any level) and 4 people (at any level) to participate at the $20 level. Also members need to sponsor 2 people every 60 days to keep getting paid. This should be easy for anyone being that itis only $1.25 to join.

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